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Lady Luck
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One of the best jigs I've found for beginners is the silly willy. I like the yellow and white jig with a pink teaser. Add a drop of pro cure either sand shrimp or blue crab.


That being said... Check the loop knot when you open the pkg. I have had them fail. I also don't like the fact the hooks face the same direction.


More advanced? I started to make my own teasers last summer, you can loose jigs to the drums hitting the pilings. I'm adding a teaser to a Buccaneer wiggled jig. I like 30 weight leader and face the teaser hook away from the wiggled jig. Tie with a big loop knot.


Results! In a couple of hours yesterday , ended up with 3 nice pompano, one permit, and landed two drums, one was almost 40" . Also lost a few permits and a couple of drums.


I fish from a 14.5 native Ultimate yak, used a Falcon Coastal med 7'6" rod. Partnered with a Diawa Certate 2500 reel. So finesse is the word.

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Great tip of the week!


Curt Willocks

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I love the silly willy .  I always place the hooks back to back.  It makes more sense to me.

I once used the lure as I drifted from the spoil island toward Caladesi.  Caught 2 trout, 1 pompano, 1 seabass.... went to clean up a wind knot and picked up a flounder while I was clearing the foul.

Great notes Pam .


"If you have to measure it 3 times.... It is not a keeper.... Throw it back"!




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Lady Luck
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Thanks Curt and Bruce.

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