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Tip of the Week

To See or Not to See at Sea

Sports which include kayaking rely on the art of stealth in the process of stalking prey. Such stealth is a bonus, especially in skinny water. A low profile with minimum noise and reflection is often the difference between a great day and a wash out.

However, this same low profile can prove detrimental in that it may also lower your visibility to power vessels sharing the same water. We often share stories of near misses from inattentive boaters (or the yaker themselves) which result in near misses, and sometimes unfortunately injury or death to sportsmen.

At a recent BACK meeting the membership discussed the requirements of legal night time kayak travel. I felt it ironic that the majority of the discussion was spend on defining the “minimum” and “adequate” rather than considering going above and beyond the law requirements in order to enhance your security and safety.

Kayakers are often a very industrious band in that there are numerous inexpensive fixes which can enhance visibility. A flag, additional lights, whistles, and reflectors are often mentioned as aids. The majority of which can be an easy DYI project.

Consider your own personal thoughts and feel free to add your list of enhancements to this thread!

Tight lines and be safe and seen!



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