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There are no such things as a "secret fishing holes" but we all have our favorites and none of us want them to be over run with fishermen the next time we paddle out to them.  Unfortunately, some folks will post pictures or video that clearly identifies exact locations, usually with them holding or fighting a nice fish.  We all want to share in your success and see the pics and videos of your nice catch, but always giving away the exact location will only lead to your frustration and that of others on your next trip.

Want to share a location with your fishing friends?  Great, do it by word of mouth, personal message or phone and be certain that who you are sharing it with is not going to advertise it.  Have respect for what others share with you, too. Posting such info on this or other websites is the same as hanging a neon sign over that oyster bed, sand bar or mangrove point.  Rest assured, people you do not know will take advantage of it.


Curt Willocks

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John Callaghan
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Amen to that
The secret to becoming a better fisherman is, to become a better liar
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