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Tip of the Week


Tired of fooling around with slack anchor line? Go to your favorite hardware box store and spend 12 or so dollars for a 25' retractable clothesline, zip tie the line holder to your crate or yak, slip the line through your trolley, attach your anchor and you won't have to worry about it again. When you pull up your anchor, the line is magically stored, ready for the next use, without slack line laying around.


Before use, pull out all the line and douse the internal mechanism liberally with WD40 and it should serve you for a long time. I have replaced mine once in 8 years. The line is vinyl covered (this is why I like the clothesline as opposed to the more expensive dog leash) and is easy to handle, it doesn't loop, tangle, or get knots. When the vinyl covering begins to show deterioration just pull out a couple feet, cut off the bad part and retie your anchor. In the waters I fish I rarely deploy more than 6 ft. of the anchor line.


Initially I was concerned about having to retrieve the anchor to chase down a large fish (a rarity for me) but it's pretty easy to retrieve the typically short amount of anchor line with one hand. It's also quick and easy to deploy the anchor when you need to slow down a fish pulling your boat.


Curt Willocks

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Lady Luck
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Great tip


Oh ya, I fish

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