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Tip of the Week - Soft Plastic Storage


Like everything else in kayak fishing, processes and methods evolve over time. Recently read the article noted below and it pretty much describes methods I've used in the past. I have friends who carry only one or two colors/ styles of plastics and they seem to enjoy success, others carry a plethora of colors, lengths, scent infused, etc. yet even they seem to have their favorites and are successful as well. Regardless, we all have our preferences and "go to" plastics, so we have to carry them. To complicate matters, I use ultralight floating baits on a drop shot rig frequently.


Right now, my tails are left in the manufacturers bags in a single compartment Plano 3607 box, 11" x 7". I use a mix of manufacturers and some don't play well with others, having a tendency to bleed colors and in some cases literally melt each other, which is why it's important to keep them in the original bags I purchased them in. Since I am such a sucker for trying new baits, I also have a small speed bag in my crate with some I may want to try "just in case".


Everyone has their own system, what is yours?


Curt Willocks

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I leave 'em in the bags that they came in.  This way I also know the make, model and colr. 

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Having tried numerous soft plastics, I now only use the elas-tech products because of their ability to withstand lots of bites without tearing.  However, they do not do well if touching other plastics, they stick together in hot conditions, and they really do better with jig heads made for them.  Therefore, I rig several of the same color on 1/8 - 1/4 oz jig heads and keep them in their original bags in the fridge.  I"m not into all the crazy colors, and prefer keeping things natural, so I pretty much use gray jig heads and either pinfish or mullet colored plastics, keeping the colors separate in their bags.   


Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance

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