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Lady Luck
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Just returned from the extreme kayak tournament in Pompano Beach. I was fortunate enough to catch my first sailfish from a kayak as well as winning the ladies division and a trip to complete in hobbies fifth annual international tournament in CHINA!


Here is a play by play of the day...will post photos as soon as I can.


the day was crazy. Anticipation, excitement, tension .


The night before Paul, Derrick and I (mostly me) were double checking gear and getting our game plan together for the morning. I was using 50pound test leaders and was having issues tying on lures and King fish set ups. Thanks guys for the assist.


Morning came early...3:30 for me. Coffee, pack a cooler and off to the beach.


Unload, wheelies on to the beach. SIDENOTE: "captin Kirt" showed up out of nowhere and lugged my yak to the waters edge...thank you Sir!


Set ...I'm ready it's 5:30. First light is just beginning, beautiful, nervous...dang, need to put $ in the meters...ok first issue..meters won't take $ until 6am. Shoot off is 6:30. After waiting in line for 20 mins...meter is fed. Joe held shoot off until 7.


Next..get on the water.SIDENOTE: lost my webber paddle pre fishing Friday. Could be in Jacksonville by now. So entering the surf needed to be precise. Again. Extreme was there. Assisting anyone who wanted a hand and gave my Native a push. This got me into deep enough water to get the peddle drive down.


Bait boat for bait...I'm using a new air system by KeepAlive. All goggle eye were healthy and happy when I went to grab them for the hook.



Shoot off...170 yakers in assorted colors, all taking off to hunt for the winning fish. We headed south, was trolling a lure. Stopped at about 70feet to drop a gog. We were passing seaweed when I saw a makeral make a couple of jumps. Threw my gog in that direction hoping a king had chased him. I'm stuck in the sea weed.


Cleaned out of the prop and went out to about 200 feet. Another sea of weeds. Junk stuck in my prop again. Clean it out and look back at my bait. The line is covered in weeds. Dang. Start to pull in the bait...and the REEL IS SINGING!


Maybe I have my king...what did Derrick and captain Lynn Zirkle say? Chase the fish.. Start to peddle...Fricken sea weed! On the other side of the weed line, the fish jumps. Biggest sailfish I have ever seen. My mouth dropped. Half my line is gone and its still flying off my reel.


I'm clearing my prop. Peddling, reeling, clearing my prop, peddling reeling. Finally get some clear water and radio the chase boat. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a smaller, center console steaming my way. And he's headed between me and the sail! I am now yelling at him to turn, clearing the prop, peddling, reeling



Boat won't turn..sail does a magnificent double jump almost on top of the boat. The two guys finally realize what is going on and turn immediately away from us.


Sail changes direction and Jason from Riverview comes up to keep me company.. It's been 20 minutes. No chase boat. I hear Derrick and Paul both call for the case boat. I'm now headed to Ft. Lauderdale at a clip. Paul said I zipped past him.


Clear water, finally getting some of my line back. I was so close to being spooled. Paul is yelling encouragement over the radio...the fish jumps again, I'm closer! And a monster cruiser is now bearing down on us. Dang...are you kidding me?


Jason paddles as fast as he can in his Hobie..right at the cruiser to get its attention and Chang course. It changes slightly, but enough to give me room to work the fish. Finally leader tag. Man this fish is big ...the chase boat is now in the area, about 50 yards behind me asking...where are you, they ask. saw the photo above..I am wearing a shirt you could see from Tampa!


Boat yells. Land the fish! What? Land the fish. Ok, how? I'm not allowed to graft it. Grab it's bill! What, are you joking? No, grab it's bill!


Good thing I wear buff gloves to protect my hands from the sun. Bring the fish right next to me and after a couple of attempts...I've got the fish!!! I have a sailfish by it's bill!! How fricken crazy is that!


Diver jumps in, photos..ii unhook her...leader was fraded and just about to go..still holding the bill I slowly troll her until its struggling again to go.


I let her go and watched her swim what a morning. I was spent. Can't wait to see the photos. Derrick saw a photo and said it was a big fish.


Oh ya, later, after a diet coke and two bottles of water, I caught a bonito jigging. Only learned to jig on Wednesday. Lost a small tuna to a shark...


No one does this alone...


Thanks for all the people who have shared knowledge and spent time teaching me. Ha I'm going to list some of them because they deserve a thanks.

Sun baked Paul, my biggest cheer leader and has more patient than Jobe. Who needs A second set of keys

Derrick (deep enough) who let me go shark fishing with him and guided and kept me calm in the Bahamas.,

Captin Lynn Zirkle, who showed me how to rig for and catch a king fish.

Doug Perez, pompano, who showed me how to work a sailfish and to jig, just 3 days before the tournament.

Jason from river view who stuck with me and ran in front of that huge cruiser.

Phil from TOF..his never ending support

Sam at Bill Jacson, all the guys at Tamp Fishing Outfitter's

Maria and Joe Hector and all the staff at EKF.

And last but not least. Neil Taylor, who took me on my first kayak fishing trip 3 years ago..and won't use his text.


All of you out there!! THANK YOU!



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