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Like everyone else, I tend to buy a lure or a new color and cannot wait to try it out, so it goes in the bag for the next trip.  Also like everyone else, I have a "graveyard" of old, tried and retired baits in the garage.  Recently, rather than new lures, I have taken to selecting one of the "retired" group on the water to rejuvenate my interest in it, with some success.  Lately, I have a new appreciation for the Exude Dart in shrimp, gold and dark green, redfish remembered them.  An old bag of Arkansas Glow DOA jerk baits proved productive on both trout and reds and I discovered that flounder seem to really like a white tube bounced on the bottom.  Snook got some nostalgia finding a Zoom Super Fluke in white prowling the mangroves this summer.  I even found that trout and jacks blow up on an old bass standard, the Heddon Tiny Torpedo.  Most likely, these fish would have hit anything, but I prefer to think it was my superior tackle selection skills that made the difference.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So if you are hankering to try something "new", paw through some of that old forgotten stuff you have.


Curt Willocks

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