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Long ago, when I first started kayak fishing, I had a hand held GPS unit that I used to track me as I fished and mark locations that I wanted to return to. It was clunky and hard to use at times, but it worked.


I wanted something more and a few years ago I found an app that allowed me to mark spots or a route when planning a trip at home on a full commuter screen, using google maps or another satellite image. The app (Gaia GPS, available at the APPStore, about $10 as I recall) automatically syncs a route, waypoints and photos to my phone so when on the water I can go exactly to the places I have chosen at home. It will also save those tracks and waypoints, allow you to save comments and photos, creating a fishing log for me to refer to later.


I think I first used this at Ozello several years ago, an area I was totally unfamiliar with, to mark areas that looked fishy and it paid off.


Now I have been fishing Fort Desoto since Moses was in short pants and I think I know it pretty well, so I have not used the GPS there in a long time. When the water is clear, it's obvious where the grass ends, flats begin and creeks are. A few days ago I was there after some of the brutal winds and waves died down, but at the higher tide water was as muddy and cloudy as I had ever seen it, visibility about 6", so I couldn't see potholes, drop offs, edges of flats, troughs or oyster beds that I have fished on forever. So I pulled out the trusty phone where, years ago I had marked these targets. It was a simple task to navigate to the location I wanted to fish. It wasn't a stellar day but it wasn't a skunk either. It also jogged my memory for spots that I had forgotten about. An added bonus, I always have my log with me.


Even when fishing your home waters, you have to know where the hell you are.


Curt Willocks

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